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Beware of imitations and other techniques. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions when applied incorrectly can cause permanent damage to your natural eyelashes. When applied by a professional makes all the difference to your look and life span of lashes.
Welcome to LASH SENSATION... experts in eyelash extensions!
You want eyelash extensions for a special occasion or simply just to have the best of what's wearing? You are at the right place!
This revolutionary new technique of individual eyelash extensions (1 on 1) gives glamour and perfection to your eyes! The lash extensions are applied individually directly onto the natural lashes without touching the eyelid or the skin. No other form of false eyelash can be compared to this.
They look and feel just your own natural eyelashes and are available in different colours, lengths and thickness, that bonds perfectly with your natural lashes. A wide range of curves are available to give you the exact look that you desire.
The eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. You can shower, swim and enjoy an active life style with beautiful lashes all the time!
Our eyelash extensions are only applied by certified technicians and a perfect result is guaranteed!